Club Administrators



Latrobe Cricket Club would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the numerous people who have given up their time to keep the club running over the years.  We owe you a debt of gratitude.  

Records have been kept since 1969-70.  Please contact the club if you can assist with filling in the gaps from 1951/52 to 1968/69.  

(Red denotes 1st Grade Premiership season)

1969-70L. E. BrownW. GibbsW. Fraser
 1970-71R. PunshonD. FrenchD. French
 1971-72R. PunshonD. FrenchD. French
 1972-73R. PunshonD. FrenchD. French
1973-74R. PunshonD. FrenchD. French
 1974-75R. PunshonP. LooneP. Loone
 1975-76R. PunshonP. LooneP. Loone
 1976-77R. PunshonP. LooneP. Loone
 1977-78A. BurkeS. GilmourS. Gilmour
 1978-79A. BurkeP. StoneP. Stone
 1979-80A. BurkeP. StoneG. Ball
 1980-81A. BurkeR. WebbG. Ball/R. Webb
 1981-82A. BurkeR. WebbH. Allen
 1982-83A. BurkeR. WebbR. Maynard
 1983-84A. BurkeR. WebbR. Maynard
 1984-85W. FraserR. WebbP. Matthewson
 1985-86W. FraserR. WebbP. Matthewson
 1986-87W. FraserR. WebbD. McGuire
 1987-88W. FraserA. BroomhallT. Bower
 1988-89W. FraserA. BroomhallG. Broomhall
 1989-90W. FraserA. BroomhallW. Kent
1990-91W. KentA. BroomhallW. Fraser
1991-92W. KentA. BroomhallW. Fraser
1992-93W. KentA. BroomhallW. Fraser
1993-94W. KentA. BroomhallW. Fraser
1994-95W. KentA. BroomhallW. Fraser
1995-96S. AshdownA. BroomhallD. Nicolle
1996-97S. AshdownA. BroomhallN. Astell
1997-98S. AshdownA. BroomhallN. Astell
1998-99S. AshdownA. BroomhallD. Nicolle
1999-00R. Dickson A. BroomhallA. Broomhall
2000-01 R. DicksonA. BroomhallA. Broomhall
2001-02R. DicksonA. BroomhallA. Broomhall
2002-03R. DicksonN. DennisA. Broomhall
2003-04 J. BramichA. BroomhallA. Broomhall
2004-05 P. Matthewson/S. AshdownMrs A. ScottR. Dickson
2005-06 C. LamontMrs A. ScottR. Dickson
2006-07C. LamontMrs A. ScottR. Dickson
2007-08M. NicolleW. FraserR. Dickson
2008-09M. NicolleN. DennisM. Clarke/G. Goss
 2009-10S. KeepN. DennisG. Goss
2010-11D. NicolleMrs S. ReevesG. Goss
2011-12D. NicolleMs J. KnightG. Goss
2012-13 D. NicolleD. Nicolle/M. NicolleD. Nicolle/M. Nicolle
2013-14D. NicolleD. Nicolle/R. DicksonR. Dickson
 2014-15D. NicolleD. Nicolle/R. DicksonR. Dickson
2015-16 P. DicksonMrs S. O'DonnellG. Muir
2016-17 P. Dickson Mrs S. O'Donnell  G. Muir
2017-18  S. FrenchMrs K. Lowry  Mrs K. French